150 years of serving humanity
20 September 2017
The Garden helps to regain psychological and emotional wellbeing at any age.
14 August 2017
Video presentation of the initiative group of older people “Veterany” (Pru?any)
12 June 2017
Belarus is 64th among 96 countries listed in the Global AgeWatch Index rating which measures the quality of life at an older age. Why is it considered a moderately good result?
5 June 2017
Today two main tools are used to measure the quality of older age. Those are Active Ageing Index and Global AgeWatch Index.
23 May 2017
The average length of life of the Belarusians is over 74 years, and this number is gradually increasing. How to achieve the improvement of not only the quantity but also the quality of life?
19 April 2017
Anyone can face a necessity to care for a bed patient. How to help relatives maintain their health and help patients remain independent? Since not so long ago, kinaesthetics has been used to achieve all that in Western Europe.
4 April 2017
Regional research was carried out in three European countries: Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Bulgaria.
29 March 2017
Ageing in numbers and facts; forecasts for Belarus, regions and the world; health care systems development taking in regard population ageing. Prepared by the Swiss Red Cross in Belarus.