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13 March 2018
How healthy habits help to change the life and self-attitude: video

The film's heroes and heroines are not celebrities, but ordinary people from the Belarusian countryside. Each of them found the courage to change her or his life: gave up smoking, overcame alcohol addiction, chose healthier food and active leasure. This video shows their results and tells us about the people, who supported them.


You can also watch the short stories, which form the film, separately: 

Anatoly's story, or how healthy habits helped to start a new life and feel necessary again

Anatoly Andreev lives in Bogushevsk, a small town in Vitebsk region. He was active and worked hard. But a serious illness laid him low and caused a disability. "I was banned from any activity, I stayed at home, I could not help anyone... I felt depressed and unnecessary". Anatoly tells how a healthy lifestyle helped him to overcome hardship.


The story of Raisa, who started Nordic walking at her 67 despite joints disorders

Raisa Shidlovskaya from Pavlovo village in Grodno region is 67 years old. She has arthronosos and backache. However, the woman is full of optimism and fights diseases. "Who said that age is a hindrance and we have to put up with illnesses?". Why it's never too late to start and how to learn live actively - see Raisa' story.


and Sergey's story, or How healthy lifestyle volunteers helped to give up alcohol drinking

Is it possible to find happiness in a simple work and not money and success? Sergey Danilyuk, a social worker from Bogushevsk, says: "Until I got to know the volunteer group in our Bogushevsk, my attitude towards a healthy life style was very negative. I thought it was too early for me to think about my health. I drank a lot, I smoked, I almost lost my family ... ". How to return to life after alcoholism - see the Sergey' story.