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18 June 2018
The Swiss Red Cross supports "Elegancy beyond the age" social project

Photo: "Elegancy beyond the age" social project team and trainees of theauthor 

Its authors became the finalists of "Social Weekend", the largest social projects contest in Belarus. This year the SRC has established a new contest nomination, "Healthy and Active Ageing". Money award was set for projects aimed at enhancing opportunities for elder people, willing to stay in good health and gain new skills, communicate and be active, share their expereince and feel necessary.

Photo: jury members at Social Weekend 11 

"Elegancy beyond the age" appeared to be the strongest project in this nomination. Its author, Oksana Borisevich, is a volunteer tutor at the University of the third age. Three years ago she started a course on Psychologies and got inspiration from her listeners. 

- I saw wonderful women, who could talk about their children and grandchildren for hours, but not about themselves, says Oksana Borisevich. - Each of them was gorgeous, educated and unique. I understood, that they need communication, attention, knowledge and skills to show and underline their internal and external beauty. 

Photo: Oksana Borisevich, the author of "Elegancy beyond the age" project 

Besides Oksana, the project team includes Mariya, Natalya and Svetlana at 60+ age. Their aim is to overcome social isolation which ageing women face. To achieve it, they developed four-month courses on style, etiquette, declamation, aerobics, defile, photo modeling and creation of accessories. 

Oksana Borisevich has experience: 120 women at 60-75 years visited her courses or master classes. She is planning to organize a master class for men next year. The current project raised interest in Bobruisk, Pinsk, Slonim and Kokhanovo, and trainers from the regions will be taught by Minsk colleagues. The Center of Active Ageing will provide the premises in Minsk. The author expects that the project will be partly repaid by the fee for the courses. Initial financial support, which amounts to BYN 2,740 (approximately USD 1,370) is needed to purchase the equipment, organize trips for trainers and promotion, and will be provided by the SRC.

You may contact "Elegancy beyond the age" project: Oksana Borisevich, borisevich72@mail.ru 


Photo by Social Weekend