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Winter Assistance to vulnerable people

Belarusian Red Cross Society is constantly helping the most vulnerable persons, providing them with clothing, food parcels, medicines, etc. The Swiss Red Cross is partly funding the “Winter Assistance to vulnerable people” project in the frames of which people in need of support receive food parcels and hot food. In addition to direct assistance, the project aims to attract the attention of local authorities, the media and the general public to the needs of vulnerable persons.

Who For whom
Belarusian Red Cross Society; partnters - territorial centers of social services involved in the organization and distribution of aid.

1) lonely elderly persons and the elderly living without relatives, persons with disabilities of first and second groups, large families in which one parent with low income raises three or more minor children; 2) homeless persons.

Where When
Two oblasts (regions) were covered annually.

Number of persons covered:

1) During winter 2015-2016, over 7,000 persons received 14,106 food parcels containing basic food for three months. About half of those people are persons with disabilities, one third are the lonely elderly with a minimum pension;

2) 400 people living in shelters for the homeless in the Mahilov and Viciebsk regions, including former convicts, were receiving hot meals for three months.



people received 14,106 parcels containing basic products for three months in winter 2015-2016 


people in Mahilov and Viciebsk shelters for the homeless, including ex-prisoners, received hot meal during three months. 

To assist those who are most in need, choosing the recipients of food parcels is conducted in cooperation with the territorial centers of social services. As of 31st January 2015, over 150,000 lonely elderly persons and more than 600,000 elderly living alone, as well as persons with disabilities were registered in the centers. Moreover, 71,000 large families with three or more minor children are registered in the country. Many of them have little income due to the high number of dependents, low level of parental education, living in rural areas, lack of one spouse, etc.

The food parcel includes basic products: 1 kg of buckwheat, 1 kg of rice, 2 kg of flour, 2 liters of sunflower oil, 2 cans of tinned meat weighing 0,338 kg each, 3 cans of tinned fish weighing 0.25 kg each, 2 kg of pasta and 1 kg of sugar. Parcels are distributed based on the number of family members: 2 parcels per adult, or one parcel for each family member in large families.