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Training of Kinaesthetics trainers in Belarus


The project is focused on training Kinaesthetics trainers in Belarus who will be able to teach basic course of the “Kinaesthetics in patient care” program.

14 participants have already received international certificates and were qualified as Kinaesthetics trainers level I in taking care of the sick; in the post-Soviet countries, professionals of this level are available only in the Belarus Red Cross Society. Trainers continue their training for level II and share their knowledge and skills with their colleagues and relatives of persons who require care. Training for each level usually lasts one year and consists of approximately 300 hours of training (including individual work).

Who For whom
Implementing agency — Belarus Red Cross Society, partner — Ministry of Health
Persons with impaired motor activity and their carers.
Where When
Minsk and Minsk region, Brest, Viciebsk, Homiel regions.


Belarusian Red Cross employees use Kinaesthetics.


trainers will train 450 people.

The word “kinaesthetics” means “art/science of motion perception”. For over 20 years health and social workers in the German speaking countries of Europe have been trained in Kinaesthetics, since 2010 trainers in Kinaesthetics have been trained in Belarus. “Kinaesthetics in patient care” program developed by the European Kinaesthetics Association is aimed at persons who care for patients at home and in hospitals. Kinaesthetics techniques are aimed at both carers and their patients so they equally benefit from rational physical activity. As a result, patientsbecome more active and independent in their movements and in performing daily activities, while carers, too, maintain their health. This technique allows one to find the most suitable way to turn and sit up a patient in bed, lift him/her from the bed to a chair or wheelchair, encouraging the patient to use their own potential to the most and develop their motor activity, as well as allowing the assistant to maintain their health.

In 2016, about 30 Belarus Red Cross employees have been constantly applying Kinaesthetics in their work and have taught 614 people this technique during three quarters of 2016. Now Kinaestheticsis used in relation to 249 persons under care of the Belarus Red Cross Society.

If you want to be trained by Kinaesthetics trainers, please call Yuliya Matusevich or Svetlana Anatsko from the Belarus Red Cross Secretariat at (17) 328-49-90, or email at info@redcross.by. Learn more about Kinaesthetics here.