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Community Action for Health

“VELO-URA” mini initiative at Golshany village and its surrounding. Cycling routes worked out, free bicycle rental organized.

The project is aimed at the prevention of noncommunicable diseases and promotion of a healthy lifestyle. To achieve this, volunteer initiative groups were created, having united active persons whowish to change their behavior and work in this direction with the residents of the local community— neighbors, colleagues, friends, classmates, neighborhood residents. Each volunteer accompanies two or more persons under care, evaluating the risk of noncommunicable diseases development, helping to conduct a personal plan on their prevention and on leading healthy lifestyle, as well as supporting the implementation of the plan on a regular basis. Thus, the ideas and principles of healthy lifestyle and prevention of diseases are spreading and community members help each other to change their lives for the better


Who For whom
Implementig agency — Belarus Red Cross Society, partners— Ministry of Health, National Center for Hygiene, Epidemiology and Public Health, other governmental and public organizations of Belarus.

Population of the project pilot regions. Experience gained will be shared in all the regions of the country.

Where When
Population of the project pilot regions. Experience gained will be shared in all the regions of the country.



initiative groups united more than 470 participants and volunteers.


persons participated in project activities.

Trainings are organized within the project: health workers and volunteers gain knowledge about the prevention of noncommunicable diseases and behavioral change towards a healthier lifestyle. Campaigns aimed at increasing physical activityare conducted. Sports and recreational activities and festivals, hiking and bicycle races, workshops on yoga and fitness, dance lessons, contests aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyleare held. The project supports thematic initiatives of the local communities, including the “Horki is a healthy city” initiative of the Horki District Executive Committee held in the frames of the Healthy City model of the WHO Regional Office for Europe.

The slogan of the project is “Together to health!”, the logo is designed in the form of a handshake as a symbol of support and joint changes for a healthy lifestyle.

If you are interested in a healthy lifestyle and would like to learn about the cardiovascular diseases, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes prevention, as well as willing to share information with your friends, you can download our teaching materials from here.
More information is available on the project webpage and in pdf format.